“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”
~ Tuli Kupferberg

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NLP Coaching

NLP is for anyone who wants to develop themselves, and live a fulfilling life. This approach of coaching will enable the coachee to move from problem state to a desired state by exploring  and transforming self limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and results.

Speaker Coaching

Payal coaches speakers for presenting to diverse audiences, including key stakeholders and decision makers. This form of coaching will enable an action plan towards preparing for talks and delivering them with structure, panache, and confidence.

Pause — Reflect — Reset

Tamarailife offers one on one virtual NLP and Speaker Coaching.

Mentoring future leaders at the Virtual Speed Mentoring 2021, organised by Symbiosis Institute of management studies (SIMS)

The sessions will shine light on the patterns
that serve you, and those that have served you.
Now is time to let go and reset patterns
in your thoughts, words and actions –
and get the results you want.

NLP Workshops

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My experience about this workshop with you was Self Empowering and Enjoyable. Payal Ji, you have a strong observation power and you exactly know, how and when to hit the right button. A great motivator, who focused on candidate’s desired outcome.

Karun Grover

Analyst, Delhi

The program was really useful and practically implementable in all walks of life. I learnt many news ways and perspective to look at life and life related challenges which I will implement. Payal’s style of training was really amazing and very practical without the use of technology and stereotypic methods.

Mayank Mathur

Trainer, Tech Mahindra, Delhi

It was a life changing program, as in one changes its perspective positively towards one’s life’s challenges. Thanks to Payal for making me discover NLP and also helping us to incorporate it in our lives as it makes life a wonderful journey.

Rashmi Vishal Mehta

Designer, Gurgaon

The best part about the workshop was that it was experiential.The behavior, communication and other aspects were all dealt with experience and exercises which gave me a better understanding of myself.


Homemaker & Mother, Gurgaon

NLP is really an amazing programme. Before this workshop, I was very uncomfortable to share my views and now I feel very confident. I learned to convey my inner thoughts to others without hesitation and to go to a deep level so that others can understand. Payal’s method of training was friendly and I did not feel like a stranger at all. She is a wonderful coach and fantastic trainer. I feel that this workshop will surely help other people in different fields like it has helped me.


Reporter, Dainik Jagran, Uttarakhand

An extraordinary experience, those were two really enriching days at the NLP workshop. Don’t know if it is NLP or Payal’s radiance, something did happen and it sure kindled a few dreams and emotions. I walked into that space as just a thinking person trying to elude situations but walked out feeling abundant with dreams, awareness and tools which helped me gain a broader understanding and control of situations. Payal is committed and determined and has truly contributed to my life.

Neha Singhla

Entrepreneur, Delhi

Payal is very passionate about supporting people live their full potential and is a very ambitious, hardworking, assertive, enterprising personality. I am sure she will continue to inspire more & more lives of people around her with the way she is living her own life like now! I thoroughly recommend Payal to anyone, who wants to have a world class approach in developing their own potential. I wish Payal, all the best and am honoured to support her in this journey of excellence!

Ashok Subramanian

Master Trainer, Shinota

Payal is an exceptional professional NLP trainer. I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Payal on Sue’s Knight’s NLP train the trainer course in Kerala India 2009. Payal has a wonderful way of making you feel special and gains trust very quickly.

Eileen Hutchinson

Founding Director of HCMA, UK

What stands out is her enthusiasm. She is very friendly, committed & knows how to respond to people & situations in an appropriate way! Her training abilities are unique & rare! I am sure her audience would enjoy her contribution always! She can fit into any environment & come out successfully!

Arul Subramaniam

Director (Tech) - Brainobrain Kids Academy

Payal, is a fantastic trainer, mentor, coach and facilitator. Fully present, caring and incisive! What a joy to work with!

Kelly Clark

Founder and Owner, Marmanie Consulting Ltd.

As NLP Trainer myself and having trained with Payal I highly recommend her as a coach and consultant. She has a very unique way of connecting with and supporting others to see and embrace their potential. In a world which seems to value speed, Payal is able to go against the grain and allow people to really slow down, to be present and experience extremely valuable perspectives. More than that, she is a lovely person. I highly recommend her.

Tristan Soames

Owner, Be Do & Have Anything

We all can read books, surf the net… and find ourselves numerous such programs but unless one experiences it… it really can’t make a difference. Ms.Payal made it so simple for me to solve the biggest issues of my life. I feel a lot lighter and happier and I spend each day thinking about today. I think every time I speak with her, it gives me direction and her positivity flows into me. It’s amazing and I love it.

Richa Dahiya

Homemaker, Delhi

NLP  was an eye-opener for me in many things in my life. It was a wonderful experience which I will cherish lifelong. Payal,  you were excellent in engaging us all the time, your every word and every body language is a lesson for me. Thank you for everything. You are a “Person ” bringing changes in many lives. Keep doing…

Divyavaid Mishra

Entrepreneur, Gurgaon

Payal’s NLP  training gave me a new perspective. Nothing seems impossible now. Payal is an excellent trainer and her training delivered all that she promised and some more. I recommend this program to everyone.

Payal Shandil

Head Curriculum, Education sector, Dehradun

This was the third training conducted by Payal that I have attended and the first on NLP.  The  NLP foundation workshop was focussed (like NLP itself) on achieving results but also included the necessary theoretical backgrounds to understand the concepts.  Payal  as a trainer was both warm and professional.  I believe that this programme offers great value and look forward to training with Payal again.

Viraj Prasad

Director, Real Estate, Gurgaon

The NLP program was a really good experience for me which has shaken me to think for my life from a different perspective and given me insights as to what I really and actually want and how to achieve the goals: both personal and professional. Payal could reach our mind and soul, and helped us in knowing us.

Anjali Wadhawan

Sales, Pharmaceutical, Delhi

The programme has helped me become a more positive person with better control over my thought/behavioural patterns. I have been using some of the techniques discussed in the programme and found them immensely helpful and have tried using them on a daily basis. Above all, I feel more at peace with myself.

Yogja Singh

Senior AD, Big 4, Delhi

The One on One Coaching process is simple.

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  • Begin the spade work
  • Reap the results

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