“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because
you have something to say.”

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Payal has written for magazines and blogs on women-related matters, women entrepreneurship, training, coaching, self-development and NLP.

Her writing has got featured and published in national and international forums including Huffington Post, Rapport – an international ANLP magazine, Suburban, Women’s Web, Story Exchange and so on.

You can read some of her NLP articles here.

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Payal Articles

The Harsh Realities for India’s Working Women

As women in India are becoming more educated, finding jobs outside the home, and starting their own businesses, they are doing so in the face of a culture where sexual harassment is widely accepted and personal security is a major concern. Read Payal’s story in this Huffington Post article to find out about the realities of daily life for working women in India. [Related Email Exchange Article]

Payal Articles

Indian Women Are Changing With The Times. But What About Men?

As a nation we are witnessing a shift in their status, with more and more women working in the political, business and social arenas. But the question is this: when will women breakthrough in top positions and how will men respond? Read Payal’s article on The Story Exchange now.

Payal Articles

Why India’s Women Entrepreneurs Need to Change Their Self-Perception

Read Payal’s article on The Story Exchange on how a traditionally patriarchal society makes it challenging for women to recognise their true worth.

Payal Articles

Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

In this edition of Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur on Women’s Web, Payal talks about the passion as well as discipline needed to be an entrepreneur.

Payal Articles

4 Lessons I Learned when I Left my Corporate Job to Pursue Entrepreneurship in India

Payal left the stability of a traditional profession to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship in her native country. Read this article on Women 2.0 to find what she learned along the way.

Payal Articles

Decoding Diversity: Different notes make a melody

Today’s business is dynamic and the work force has a diverse background unlike the days of a certain clan/ gender/ ethnicity taking on a particular craftsmanship. Read Payal’s article on SheThePeople on how the new diverse workforce is recognising and embracing inclusion.

Payal Articles

Meet the SHEROES

Read Payal’s story on SHEROES on how she kickstarted Tamarailife and how NLP can help individuals as well as corporate for personal and professional excellence.

Payal Articles

We are the City Blog

Payal is a regular contributor to We are the City, where she writes on women-related topics, as well as personal stories.

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